Our vision is to help users find their next car with ease, giving them a range of tools and the widest selection of vehicles.

Auto Pick Desk

Auto Pick was born out of the interest of creating a platform for buyers, sellers and dealers. Buyers can find their next car by browsing the largest selection of vehicles online. Sellers can list their car easily for FREE (one listing free account). Auto dealers can showcase their entire stock, managed by us.


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Home Page / Category

We detect user’s location to display listings from his city / region. Location data is not connected to his account so even if the user is not logged in he will see listings that are close to him.
Dedicated category search allows users to find what they need straight from the home page of the website or home screen of the Auto Pick App.
Dedicated category search combined with most used filters allows the user to quickly find what he’s looking for.
Advanced search allows to user to narrow the search results by using keywords, dealer name, location, filters & more.
Sidebar keywords search allows the user to search by keywords or dealership name and filters are another convenient way to narrow down search results.
Post 1.5k to 1M Listings with our Premium or Enterprise subscription packages.

Listing Preview

Share the listing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram or copy the link.
Users can save their favorites items and see them later in their favorites list available from the profile page.

Listing Detail Page

The image slider allows the user to scroll through all images available for the listing.
Boost your credibility & popularity with shares and favorites.
One click/tap contact includes: Auto Pick chat, phone, email, directions and link to author’s website.
Linking back to user’s websites boost its SEO and Google Rankings.
Modern, easy to use interface allows the user to quickly scan the listing details in order to make a buying decision.
Options and features lists, ordered alphabetically allow to user to easily find the ones he’s interested in.
The footer page photo gallery allows the user to see all photos that pertain to current listing at once.

Profile Page

The user can add a cover image or an advertising banner.
The user can upload his logo or a profile photo.
The about section provides quick contact info and business description.
Build credibility and popularity with Auto Pick reviews.
The profile search allows the user to search inside your inventory.
Post your entire inventory*, up to 1M listings and build your online showroom.